1.Space Technology Firms

Welcome to Space Technology Services Catalogue! These space technology firms offer their services to you. Please study the links provided and contact the firms directly.


Aboa Space Research Oy
– Space radiation monitors and space debris search
Aerial Oy
– Professional telecommunication antenna and mast products
AL Safety Design Ltd
– Product Assurance, Risk Management, Reliability Engineering
Apollo Materials Oy
– Thyssenkrupp Aerospace – Materials
CCC Systems Oy
– Sw for online, tailored and wireless solutions
CLS-Engineering Oy
– Demanding automation solutions, robotics
Componeering Inc.
– Structural analysis and design of composite structures
DA-Design Ltd
– Embedded system sw, electronics, mechanic, RF and microwave engineering
Detection Technology Inc.
– Industrial X-ray line scanners, imaging
Elcon Power Oy
– Customized power supply solutions
Environics Oy
– Chemical Detection Technology, CBRN protection, sensors, instruments, networks
Fastrax Ltd
– High performing GPS modules, Software GPS solutions and Asset Tracking platforms
FM-International Oy FINNMAP
– Land management and administration, remote sensing, digital mapping, surveying and GIS
Finnsat Oy
– Antenna systems, digital television encoding, transmission and receiving equipment
Insinööritoimisto Toikka Oy
– Radio and Microwave Technology
Mectalent Ltd
– Components, instruments and modules for industrial, medical and defence industries
Modulight Inc.
– Lasers for medical, industrial, security and communication technology
Opteon Oy
– Large scale optics manufacturing and testing for space applications
Oxford Instruments Analytical Oy
– Scientific instrument and analyzers
Patria Systems Oy
– power systems and composite structures for satellites
PIEneering Oy
– Tools for digital image processing and related technlogies
Protoshop Oy
– Precision engineering in modeling, design, manufacturing, assembly and testing
Pöyry Environment Oy
– Forest inventory and digital imaging
Reliability Academy Finland
– Training courses in Reliability, Risk Management and Safety Analysis
Selmic Oy
– Packaging technologies for electronic modules
Space Systems Finland Ltd
– high reliability embedded software
– Hyperspectral imaging instruments
Stora Enso Oyj – Wood Supply
– Aerial digital imaging, natural resource inventory
Suomen Optomekaniikka Oy
– Precision mechanics for products
Suunto Oy
– Heart rate monitors
Tumo Oy
– machining, material handling and fine mechanics for aerospace

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2 Responses to “1.Space Technology Firms”

  1. hönttinen Says:

    joo pienissä sinisissä firmoissa työskentelevöi tietenkin pieniä
    vihreitä miehiä !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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